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What's Coming in December?

December Fun!

Check out what's coming in December.

In conjunction with the release of

BOOK 4, THE HAVEN, there will be a GOODREADS GIVEAWAY starting December 1st 2021.

I’ll be giving away 20 copies of the eBook version of The Haven. The giveaway will last for 30 days, ending just before New Year's Eve.

Currently, this form of contest is only available to those in the USA, as Goodreads has yet to provide authors with the means to include other countries. But once they have that established, I will create more giveaways and broaden the opportunity to include all marketplaces.

To participate, if you are in the USA, simply use this LINK to go to my giveaway page on Goodreads and click ENTER GIVEAWAY. 🆓

If you don’t have a Goodreads account, it is FREE and easy to sign up. It’s a great place to keep track of books on your to-read list, find FREE books, and find great recommendations for new books to read. You can follow me and your other favorite authors there as well.

Best of Luck!


N. L. Westaway

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