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Just In Case You Missed it!

On May 1st, I announced that it's my BIRTHDAY MONTH and for the 2ND YEAR ANNIVERSARY of THE GUARD TRILOGY'S book launch, and that I had created a little surprise gift for you!🎁📒

I've written a little short story FREE READ, that I MAY, or MAY NOT expand into a full story, but I wanted to give you all a chance to read it, and then vote on if you'd like me to expand the characters’ story within a future novel of The Guard Trilogy Extended Series.📙📓📔📚

If you are interested in reading it, and you haven’t already signed up for my newsletter, simply click the link below to sign-up and download the short story.📨

You’ll be given multiple ways to download the story in the reading method of your choice once you confirm your email.📧 IF you do NOT own an eReader or a Kindle but wants to read this short story or other Kindle Books. Get started with these FREE Kindle Apps for Phone, tables, and computers. Click here>

IF you previously signed up for my newsletter, you should have see this same opportunity in an email, with a direct link to download the short story. Please let me know if you do not receive that email—and I will double-check that your correct email address is on file.📬 Just a little note about the story, it contains adult content which is not suitable for readers under 18 years of age. 😉🤭

Happy Reading

~ N. L. Westaway

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