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Letters from Rachel  

N. L. Westaway switches gears to bring you an exciting new 

psychological mystery thriller.

What wouldn't you do, to protect the ones you love?

All evidence points to yet another murder by the notorious serial killer known as the ‘Small-Town Strangler’. The unsolved killings had been labeled the Professor Murders, and the case file had become known as the Professor’s Dozen... it has been 6 years since the last killing, and this latest murder is number 13 now, making it a baker’s dozen.


Where has the killer been all these years and why have they returned?


Since her father had died before she’d been born, and her mother Laura hadn’t bothered with dating afterwards, Gwen romanticized that the trunk containing the letters she’d found in the back of her mother’s closet, might have been love letters from her father to her mother… but they weren’t. And though they had been written in what Gwen thought was her mother’s handwriting, and based on the city addressed on the envelopes, had been penned ‘Dear Mother’ to Gwen’s grandmother. But strangely enough, there had been no return address marked on any of them. And for whatever reason, they had all been signed, ‘Love Rachel’'.

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